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Working with Linda has enabled me to learn more about myself and given me new coping strategies to use in daily life. She is warm, understanding and non judgmental. Together we have tackled various things from organising my workload to building emotional resilience. Highly recommended!

Katy, East Anglia

 I contacted Linda last year after doing some research into ADHD and believing that it is something that I had been struggling with all my life. After a lengthy zoom call with Linda I decided to start face to face sessions on a bi-weekly basis. I found these sessions essential for dealing with those first few weeks where my mind was racing with memories of countless times when ADHD had impacted my life and I felt that I had been let down by the adults around me at the time. I was in mourning for a life that might have been if I had been diagnosed as a child and having Linda there to listen helped me work through this at a reasonable pace.

Stuart, Essex

For many years I have been troubled by difficulties in meeting deadlines, organising my time and getting things done. Suspecting ADHD, I contacted Linda who has helped me a great deal with strategies to overcome these difficulties. It was such a relief that she understands these problems. She has given me the confidence to make progress with things that I have wanted to do for a long time.

Gina, Essex

Just finished my initial 3 sessions with Linda King and feeling much better equipped to take on the world with my unique brain wiring! I’ve only recently realised I have ADHD and whilst waiting to try and access a diagnosis and support from the NHS, it’s been invaluable to work with Linda and learn simple ways to reframe some of my struggles and employ techniques to make life easier. Linda’s practical and compassionate support has taken some of the emotional stress out of the ADHD and has already had a positive impact on both my work and personal life.

Ivor M

I worked with Linda to help me recover from a very long term issue with disordered eating. She is very easy to talk to and never judgmental. She supported me in taking small steps and when I felt I had failed helped me to see how things really were changing.

I looked at Linda's information many times before contacting her - I wish I had contacted her sooner.

B.G. Essex

 Linda has been an amazing help for me. I was struggling with managing my ADHD, and she not only helped with some practical elements but helped me realise where my strengths where. She really understood me, and listened to my issues, and helped me build a plan and mechanisms.

Alice B

I am so grateful to have found Linda, not only she has understood me and my needs, but she has been able to help me to understand myself and the way my brain works! She has given tools and magic recipes to structure my brain when it needs to but also to accept it, when it gets overwhelmed and to stop and take a break and re-assess to start again. She is compassionate, a good listener and proposes solutions that work for you! A life changer for sure. Thank you Linda

Florence B

I found Linda through an online register of life coaches that support people with ADHD. I have a fairly recent diagnosis and it has been a bit of a struggle. Linda was very kind, listened to me and came up with some practical strategies to help me manage my anxiety, and put into practice some solid ways of organising myself and beginning to overcome my talent for procrastination. The sessions were fun and always helpful, and the work done has been an ongoing help to me.

Laura, Wilts.

I needed some practical advice on how to manage my time running a business with ADHD, and I'd looked around for ADHD and/or life coaches for a while before deciding to approach Linda. I wasn't sure at all what to expect, but it felt from the first like I was talking to a supportive, wise friend. Linda asked the kind of intelligent, perceptive questions which helped me gain insight into the issues I have with time and attention management and the resulting anxiety. She at no point told me what to do, but she guided me to find solutions which work for me.
And, on top of that, she also did a brief Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) session with me during one of our coaching times. I came to it with an open mind, neither negative nor expecting a miracle, Linda talked me through it, I followed her instructions and then forgot about it. But since then I've noticed little by little positive results, and more positive results, and more...

Amanda, Sutton Coldfield

My preconceived views on this type of therapy were very wrong. Linda asked me questions I'd never asked myself. She made me think of things I'd never thought of. Through a mixture of NLP & cognitive exercises, I began to re-think my thought processes & consider the reasons behind why my brain reacted the way it did to various situations. I could re-channel myself & gain control over my own mind. She made me believe that the chaos in my head could be tamed. I can make myself think & feel differently!

Rebecca, Colchester

Linda has enabled me to explore areas of my life which I am finding difficult. Rather than just avoiding the things which are holding me back, Linda has supported me to reflect on what I might like to change and how I may be able to do this.  She is so easy to talk to that I have not felt embarrassed or awkward. I find it difficult to ask for help, but Linda has made me feel that I am helping myself. She doesn’t give me ‘answers’ but has enabled me to view my feelings in a different way and consider alternatives.

Amanda, Colchester


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