So what is coaching?

When people hear the term 'coaching' they may think of a tennis coach or a maths coach. Life coaching is not like that! In fact, it was probably given the wrong name as there isn't usually a 'teaching' element to it at all.

A life coach (which is a general term) listens to a client with no judgement and has no plan to push them in any direction - after all, we are all different and what I would do in a particular situation isn't necessarily what you would do! Instead, a coach asks questions, helping the client to think through their issues and to come to their own conclusions about how they want to change things. They reflect back what the client has said and hold up a metaphorical mirror to the client. Life coaching is about moving forwards - making the future better. There may be something in the past that is holding a client back, and that can be dealt with during the sessions, but the thrust of coaching is very positive. It's about looking ahead with confidence and moving into the future.

A life coach can coach towards any goal using the framework of coaching, but many specialise in certain areas.

ADHD coaching is slightly different in that it is more geared to practical application, such as organisation, whilst also incorporating many of the elements detailed above.