Coaching and Anxiety

Take Control of Your Future

Have you had enough of anxiety? Anxiety can make us feel helpless and stuck. Coaching teamed with Neuro-Linguistic Programming helps you to regain control. Brains are very obedient and I'll help you to understand how your brain works and how to change the way you experience situations. We may use NLP to diminish unwanted memories and will also use a cognitive approach to change behaviours, responses and to rationalise fears.

Everyone is different and everyone has a preferred way of working. We will work in the way that you are most comfortable with.

Coaching for generalised anxiety may require several sessions, depending on the type of anxiety and the progress made. In our initial chat, we will decide whether coaching is the best path for you. 


Testimonial from a client experiencing Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

This week I finished a 4 month course of Life Coaching Sessions with Linda King.
I started face to face sessions just before lockdown, so I was concerned that this would be affected by COVID 19. However, Linda reassured me right at the beginning that she would continue to support me via phone & video calls as best she could. This worked out really well.

I knew what was wrong with me 4 months ago, I knew what I wanted & I didn't want to dwell on previous life experiences. What happened in my life - happened, & I desperately wanted to take what I'd learned from every experience & move FORWARD with my life! But I didn't know how...

I was referred to Linda by a friend.
At first I imagined one of those American motivational speakers on YouTube - not for me I'm afraid.
But I decided, why not give her a go anyway? During this time of my life, I honestly had nothing else to lose.

My preconceived views on this type of therapy were very wrong. Linda asked me questions I'd never asked myself. She made me think of things I'd never thought of. Through a mixture of NLP & cognitive exercises, I began to re-think my thought processes & consider the reasons behind why my brain reacted the way it did to various situations. I could re-channel myself & gain control over my own mind. She made me believe that the chaos in my head could be tamed. I can make myself think & feel differently!

I am not cured. Nor do I think that my GAD has disappeared for good. Every day is a battle still. But now I have the 'tools', a better understanding, a confidence I never had before & a new way of thinking.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. When the student is really ready, the teacher will disappear"

Thankyou Linda