What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, recognises how the mind controls self-belief, communication and behaviour and taps into this to bring about the changes we need. This could be altering a habit, changing a way of thinking or behaving, diminishing bad memories or dealing with fears or phobias. NLP can be used to change how we feel about ourselves and about others. It can help us to forgive ourselves and other people. The brain is a powerful tool - it can be our best friend or our worst enemy, as we know! 

NLP uses imagination and visualisation to reprogram in a gentle, positive way and is the perfect partner for coaching. 

NLP is incorporated into much of my coaching, but is not obligatory! All sessions are tailored to suit the individual.

I hold a Level 5 Diploma in Performance Coaching with NLP and am a member of The Association for Coaching.